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Persons aged 18 or older and residing in the wider area of the Municipality can subscribe to the system.

The subscribers enjoy unique privileges. The first half-hour of a rented bicycle is free of charge and to receive a bicycle the only thing you have to do is to use the ThessBike electronic subscriber card obtained as soon as the subscription is completed.

 Learn more about the ThessBike system by calling 6978008141 or by visiting any of the authorized subscription stations. You need to bring along following documents:

  • Your ID-card
  • Mobile phone number

As soon as your subscription is completed you will receive the ThessBike electronic subscriber card by which you can check out and check in a bicycle at every bicycle rental station.

The ThessBike electronic subscriber card is a prepaid card. In order to use this card, the amount corresponding to the bicycle rental time must be available on the card. When the money balance on the card is over, it must be renewed in order to be able to reuse the card.